How to Properly Dispose of Our Packaging

How to Properly Dispose of Our Packaging

It is easy to lose track of the many different recycling regulations. We reduce our packaging where possible, but it is also important to dispose of empty packaging correctly - here's a little help.


Our outer packaging consists exclusively of recycled cardboard printed with vegetable ink and can therefore be disposed of with the general paper recycling.

We use glass bottles and jars for our products, as glass can be wonderfully reused without the downcycling effect. This means that the quality of the material is retained when it is melted down and reused. It is best to dispose of the bottles in the glass recycling container. The roll-on container for our Stunning Eyes Organic Beauty Oil is also made of glass and can therefore be included in glass recycling.

In our magazine, you will also find suggestions on how you can reuse the bottles yourself, i.e. for DIY 100% natural insect spray or DIY antiviral disinfectant spray for the hands. Our gift sets can also be reused in many creative ways, for example, to store your favourite jewellery or small souvenirs.

You can separate the pipettes of our beauty oils from the cap and dispose of them separately in the white glass container; simply throw the cap in the general waste.

Incidentally, glass also has the advantage that, unlike plastic, it does not release any harmful substances such as plasticisers into the product, which would end up on your skin and in your body. We absolutely want to avoid that!

Composites are packaging made from at least two different materials and they always go into the bin of the material they are mostly made of. Unless they are heavily soiled, then please put them in the residual waste!

We use residual waste for thermal recycling - that means it is incinerated. The incinerator is already equipped with good filter systems that is checked for efficiency and must provide precise information on the emissions emitted, etc. Waste incineration is not necessarily bad, because it generates energy that we need locally. Many countries still pay to send their rubbish to other places, which then create landfills that destroy the environment.

We also use recycled, plastic-free materials for shipping. Instead of conventional adhesive tape, we use innovative boxes that do not have to be taped together and rather fold together.

So please dispose of our bottles and jars properly to support us in our fight for the environment. We prefer it if you give them a second life yourself - tag us in your most creative posts on Facebook or Instagram!

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