Zero-Waste Bathroom Items

Zero-Waste Bathroom Items

Disposable products waste valuable resources. That is why we rely on fair, environmentally friendly, reusable alternatives.


Avoid waste

Use it once and throw it in the trash - this principle can be found in most aspects of life, including the bathroom. Our trashcans are filled with disposable cotton pads, make-up removal wipes and cosmetic tissues. Of course, this is good news for retailers and manufacturers, since these products need to be restocked all the time. The mountains of waste increase while valuable resources are wasted.

Think further

It is time to think further and consider what is behind our everyday consumption decisions, what are the effects and take responsibility for our actions. Where do the products come from that we buy, use and simply dispose of? And, what happens to the waste once it is disposed of? The disposal of cotton pads and facial tissues may not be as dramatic, but resources are still wasted.

Time for long-lasting alternatives

Generally, many people use 2 cotton pads and perhaps 2 make-up removal wipes for their daily morning and evening routines. That accumulates to 1460 items a year that end up in the garbage after being used once! This need not be the case. The alternative? We have your back.

Our sustainable, reusable accessories are:

  • made from high-quality Peruvian organic cotton that is cultivated without the use of environmentally harmful pesticides and fertilisers
  • saves on resources because the waste materials are used instead
  • from fair production (more about this topic below)
  • easily washable together with daily laundry
  • and saves your money in the long run

Not only good for the environment

The washable cleaning pads and facial tissues are produced by our friends from the eco-fashion label that operates an integrative production facility in Peru. Why Peru? Because the organic cotton for the high-quality fabrics is cultivated there and processed directly. In addition, hearing impaired women are trained as seamstresses at the workshop. They receive fair pay and have access to health and social insurance, something that is otherwise not common in Peru. We have already been able to view the friendly working atmosphere on site. Since we think the project is so great and worth supporting, we are particularly pleased about the cooperation.

The washable cleansing pads replace conventional, disposable cotton pads. You can also use the facial pads as washcloths for your face - perfect for the oil-cleaning method using our Cleansing & Detox Oil. The deluxe set includes everything you need to for a zero-waste lifestyle and the items are housed in a pretty satin pouch for safekeeping.

So avoid waste and save money by binning the idea of disposable products and opting for reusable alternatives instead.

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