Sustainable Cosmetics - Nature & Nurture

Made with Love

The quality and sustainability of our products are fundamental elements that we hold in high regard. These two factors influence the decisions we make, without compromise. 

All our products are produced in our warehouse in Graz, Austria. 

100% Organic & Fair 

Our entire product assortment is sourced from 100% controlled organic agriculture and are approved by the Austria Bio Guarantee. Thus, we are able to ensure that pesticides do not enter our products, while organic agriculture is promoted and supported globally. 

We place great importance on delivering products that are fairly produced and traded. Our accessories are fairly produced in an integrative workshop in Peru, where hearing-impaired women are trained as seamstresses. These hard-working women are thus provided with safe and secure working conditions, training and of course fair wages. 

100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Our entire range of products is completely vegan - from their contents to the label printed on the packaging! It is our stance that animal byproducts should not be found in cosmetics. Who would want collagen obtained from the skin on fish or pork rinds?Unfortunately, not very many people are aware about the ingredients hidden in cosmetic products. Our products places importance on the power of plants! Even the labels (casein obtained from animals is conventionally used) and ink found on our packaging are vegan. 

Naturally, we do not conduct any form of animal testing. Animal testing is banned in Europe. Sadly, large enterprises find loopholes to continue their quest of conducting animal testing. Our cosmetics are tested on ourselves and our friends. 

Sustainability - For Future Generations

Not only are the contents of our products 100% organic, we also place emphasis on sustainable packaging:

  • Recyclable glass bottles are used. These can then be up-cycled by our customers. Click here to read about up-cycling your bottles.
  • The labels are made up of rapidly biodegradable eco foil.
  • The boxes are composed of recyclable carton and are made in Austria. 
  • We ship our goods in plastic-free and recycled packaging material, and ensure that the delivery has the minimum impact on climate change. 

We are sustainable idealists and only produce products that corresponds to our high ideals. Certainly, we would be ecstatic if you would share in our enthusiasm about sustainable, organic and vegan cosmetics.