100% Organic, Pesticide-free Cosmetics

100% Organic, Pesticide-free Cosmetics

Pesticides and residues thereof are not only found in our food, but they can also be detected in cosmetic products which can cause unwanted reactions.


Since the proportion of natural ingredients is fundamentally higher in natural cosmetic products, the risk that these raw botanical materials are contaminated is also higher. It is therefore important to pay attention to where cosmetics manufacturers source the ingredients from or what quality they correspond to.

Our ingredients are 100% organic which guarantees that they do not contain any toxins that could damage the skin and the body!

We assure you that every single raw material we use to manufacture our products is certified organic. For us, this means that we are limited in the selection of raw materials used. This is the only way you can be absolutely sure that you are not applying any unwanted substances to your skin.

For example, only ingredients that are cultivated and not depleted can be certified organic. Salt, for example, is a natural product that is not cultivated, unlike grain. However, it is obtained through extraction since it already exists and does not need to be cultivated. Because the production or cultivation process thereof cannot be completely controlled in this way, the end product cannot be certified. This also applies, for example, to various types of clay. Our decision to only use 100% certified organic raw materials also means that we have to make do without some ingredients.

Climate protection & biodiversity

We are generally big supporters of organic agriculture, since natural resources are conserved and soil fertility is promoted without the use of harmful chemicals. In addition, organic agriculture is more climate-friendly than conventional methods, maintains biodiversity and promotes biodiversity. Your PURE SKIN FOOD product is bee-friendly and protects the environment because:

There is no Planet B!

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