How Stress Impacts The Skin & How To Overcome It

How Stress Impacts The Skin & How To Overcome It

We all know what stress feels like. Things seem to get out of control. But, how does the body react to stress and which effects does it have on the skin? We're here to answer these questions.


Four Ways That Stress Has A Negative Impact On The Skin

Your heart starts to race, the hands become sweaty and you experience trouble thinking straight. In short: you're experiencing stress which can have a negative impact on the skin.

  • Stress Paves The Way For Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the fundamental causes of acne. It is not necessarily that the skin is inflamed but more so concerning inflammation that is stored somewhere else in the body. This is referred to as systematic inflammation. Acne and blemished skin can be linked back to the intestine. Stress increases the risk of inflammation - which does not only cause acne and pimples, but also a row of other health concerns.

  • Stress Increases The Blood Glucose Level

Stress can increase the blood glucose level which in turn increases the androgen, male sex hormone, levels. A hike in androgen plays a pivotal role in the formation of blackheads and spots - i.e. the higher the androgen levels in the body, the more sebum is produced which leads to clogged pores.

  • Stress Impairs The Skin's Natural Barrier

An intact skin barrier is a prerequisite for healthy and beautiful skin. On the one hand, it prevents moisture loss and on the other hand, it inhibits bacteria and viruses from penetrating the skin. Stress can lead to damaging the natural barrier of the skin which results in dry, impure skin and the formation of pimples.

  • Stress Has A Negative Effective On The Diet

Preparing a healthy and balanced meal is the last thing on one's mind when under stress. Instead, fast food and convenience food is often the go-to solution. The problem is that these foods amplify the negative impact that stress has on the skin because they often are the cause for a rapid increase in the blood glucose level. A heightened blood glucose level is the cause of an escalated androgen production. After consuming food that is lacking in essential nutrients and vitamins the body feels sluggish and lethargic, giving way to skin impurities and pimples.

  • Keep Calm & Take Care Of Yourself

The good news is that you can learn how to deal with stressful situations. Essentially, it means that you need to actively take the reins instead of having stress take over your life. The right mindset is vital and it helps to concentrate on a few key factors to reduce stress.

Self-Care Rituals & Relaxation

Certain tasks require immediate attention, and in these instances, it is difficult to reduce the level of stress that it brings along with it. Therefore, it is essential to treat yourself to relaxing timeouts. Consciously taking time to have relaxing breaks creates an air of distance between you and everyday stress, which in turns helps you to recharge and restores balance.

Set aside time for yourself at the weekend and pamper the body with masks, oils and bath soaks, or follow our four-step ritual to treat yourself after a long day. Our range of face masks, body oils and body mousse is sure to leave you feeling ultra-calm, putting your body, mind and soul at ease.

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