Antioxidants: Anti-aging Heroes

Antioxidants: Anti-aging Heroes

Antioxidants are currently trending across all media portals and we're certain that you have heard it being mentioned in relation to skincare. But, what exactly are antioxidants and why are they beneficial for our skin?


Antioxidants are chemical compounds that prevent or decelerate the oxidation process of certain substances. In order to better understand the concept, we have listed 2 examples down below:

  • the burning of coal, wood, candles, etc.
  • our digestion

Oxidative stress and protective antioxidants

Our skin is exposed to environmental influences that cause oxidative stress. These include:

  • UV rays
  • pollution
  • pesticides
  • the ozone layer
  • solvents
  • heavy metals
  • and much more

However, other factors contribute to oxidative stress, such as smoking, injuries or allergens. Furthermore, our bodies generate so-called reactive oxygen species (ROS) and other free radicals that are linked to the aging process and some illnesses. For instance, the continuous metabolism of cells, absorption, transport and conversion of substances in our organism, and releasing metabolic waste products into the environment.

Free radical scavengers combats skin aging

Free radical scavengers are highly reactive and the protection they provide can be vital. Our bodies possess various defence and repair mechanisms that involve antioxidants. These include:

  • vitamin A
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin E
  • coenzyme Q10
  • flavonoids
  • melatonin

Thus, these antioxidants are referred to as free radical scavengers because they capture these free radicals, destroy the oxidation process and disable the effects thereof.

To counteract the harmful effects of free radicals, our skin possess its own antioxidant system that balance pro-oxidants and antioxidants. This system can be destroyed when faced with considerable oxidative strain - internal and external, such as inflammation or an inadequate and innate antioxidant defence. Such an interference can lead to harming the organic molecules of the skin, such as lipids, proteins and the DNA. Therefore, it is helpful to attain antioxidants externally, be it via diet or skincare products.

Antioxidants found in our products

We use various plant oils in our product formulas which is why many of our products have antioxidant effects. Rosemary extract is the antioxidant most frequently utilised in our formulas. Rosemary also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as possessing a stabilising effect.

If you are looking to combat free radicals, we suggest a combination of our Beauty Oils and Face Masks. Take it a step further by mixing our Toning Moisturiser Orange Blossom - Green Tea with your face masks. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and counteracts skin aging.

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