DIY Face Masks - The Benefits

Friday, 29. June 2018

DIY Face Masks - The Benefits

All our face masks are available in a powder format. You might be thinking why this is the case, why not simply produce a ready-made version? Read more below to find out what drove us to manufacturing powder masks and what benefits these have for your skin.

1. Dubious Ingredients in Ready-made Masks

Ready-made facial masks are filled with preserving agents, and often also several other additives, that one does not necessarily what to have on one's skin. We hold the opinion, that only safe and non-toxic ingredients should be used to attain beautiful and healthy-looking skin, wouldn't you agree?

Our goal has always been to incorporate clean ingredients into our product formulas. Therefore, our range of face masks are in powder form in order to forego the use of preservatives. Superfood and other botanical powders are added depending on the needs of each individual skin types.

2. Adjust to your Liking

The second added benefit is that you are able to mix the face mask to your liking. Here are a few expert tips on how to mix the mask to suit your skin type:

  • Toning Moisturiser: The skin is able to absorb the hydrosol very well and lends the mask added benefits.
  • Lukewarm tea: Chamomile tea is ideal for skin that is sensitive, irritated or inflamed. Yarrow tea soothes redness and green tea is perfect for mature skin types.
  • Yoghurt: This is a fantastic alternative during the summer months.
  • Water: The mask can be mixed with water, however, the above-mentioned options add more skin-loving value to the face mask.
  • Dry skin: Add a few drops of face oil to the mask mixture for added moisture.

Cleanse the face, apply the mask and leave on to take effective. You can moisten the mask every now and then to prevent it from becoming dry too quickly. Rinse with lukewarm water after 20 - 30 minutes.

Check out our range of face masks here. Happy masking!