Ingredient of the Week: Karanja Oil

Ingredient of the Week: Karanja Oil

Karanja oil protects the skin on sunny days and boosts suppleness. It supplies the skin barrier with precious lipids and delivers intensive moisture. But, do you know where it stems from?


Karanja oil, also referred to as pongamia oil, is derived from the seeds of the Indian beech. It typically thrives in Indian coastal regions, hence it also being called the Indian beech.

Karanja oil has been used in age-old Ayurvedic traditions as it is said to have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Back then it was used to alleviate skin ailments and irritation due to its highly soothing effect on redness and pimples. Furthermore, it is said to keep insects at bay.

The oil has intensive balancing and regulating properties making it ideal for treating and calming acne and impure skin. It promotes collagen production whilst ensuring a firmer complexion and amplifies elasticity - this makes for an incredible daily face oil for mature skin types.

Effects of karanja on the skin:

  • natural protectant
  • added suppleness
  • moisturising
  • firms
  • contains many antioxidants
  • anti-inflammatory

Effects on the skin on sunny days

Standard sunscreens often contain nanoparticles from substances that we would rather not have on our skin, such as aluminium salts. This is due to the official regulations that require proof of sun protection factors of the end product.

Karanja oil naturally possesses an SPF of around 10. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a statement in this regard since our Sunshine Beauty Oil does not contain any mineral components.

We advise using it as a skincare product on sunny days. It does not suffice for prolonged sunbathing - in any case, the best sun protection is a shady spot!

Even though the sun brings out the best vibes in us all, we should not overdo it - protecting the skin is a top priority.

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