Breast health: Self-Massage For Early Detection Of Lumps

Breast health: Self-Massage For Early Detection Of Lumps

Breast cancer is still the leading cause of death from cancer in women. However, the chance of recovery is high if nodules are detected early. Find out how to detect changes in the tissue with a soothing breast massage.


At 17.5%, breast cancer is the leading cause of death from cancer in women. Breast cancer is very curable if it is detected early: The survival rate depends primarily on the stage at which it's discovered and how aggressive the cancerous cells are. If the tumour is localised, around 90 percent of affected women can be cured.

In addition to regular check-ups, self-massage helps us to notice changes in the tissue and identify lumps at an early stage, contributing significantly to breast health.

Massages stimulate the metabolism, which is considered essential for breast health in Chinese folk medicine (TCM), alongside lymphatic drainage. Gentle, circular movements in the direction of the collarbone and armpit help to counteract congestion in the lymphatic fluid. This promotes skin and tissue blood circulation, whereby the skin cells are better supplied with nutrients.

Our new breast massage oil contains nourishing and detoxifying ingredients such as argan oil, grape seed oil or passionfruit oil. The oils contain many antioxidants that counteract the signs of skin aging and maintain its elasticity. The natural mix of active ingredients made from effective oils provides the skin with extra moisture. Used regularly, Boobs Oil has a regenerating, firming effect and strengthens the connective tissue. The warm, sensual scent of real vanilla extract and ginger oil has a beneficial effect on body and mind and makes it the perfect companion for wonderful self-care or partner massages.

All breasts are beautiful!

We want to increase awareness our own bodies, draw more attention to breast health and convince women of the importance of breast cancer prevention. (Self) massages are essential for this. However, under no circumstances should regular medical examinations be neglected.

In cooperation with the Austrian breast cancer program, a green bracelet is included with every order of our Boobs Oil to remind you to get regular check-ups.

Instructions for breast self-massage

For best results, massage immediately after bathing or showering, when your skin and hands are still warm:

  1. First, warm some oil between your palms
  2. Spread the oil across the chest and décolleté in circular movements
  3. Now gently massage the breasts. Apply a bit of pressure to stimulate the lymph flow - but it should feel good and not be uncomfortable or painful
  4. Spread the oil towards the collarbones and armpits, which is the direction the lymph moves

In addition to the precautionary aspect, regular (self-)massage strengthens your awareness and allows you to build a deeper relationship with your body - win-win!

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