Dive Into Natural Cosmetics With Cliff Diver Ellie Smart

Dive Into Natural Cosmetics With Cliff Diver Ellie Smart

Ellie Smart, an environmental activist & one of the most successful cliff divers in the world, swears by 100% organic & healthy cosmetics: "Sun, sea and wind are quite a strain on my skin, so I rely on effective cosmetics!"


As a professional athlete, Eleanor Smart is used to exposing her skin to extreme conditions: When jumping from cliffs over 20 metres high, she is exposed to wind and weather. She also has to cope with sun and sea salt, as well as the constant stress of days of training and competitions. Chlorinated water and harsh weather in the USA put additional strain on her skin in winter.

As an extreme athlete, Ellie feels at home on rough cliffs and in roaring surf. She constantly pushes her skin to the limit. So far, she has struggled with dry skin and irritation. In search of effective and healthy cosmetics, she came across PURE SKIN FOOD. These rich and soothing products offer skin protection whilst rebuilding it: "For the first time I have no more irritation or problems with my skin!"

High diving competitions take place on some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. It is therefore very important to Ellie that her skincare products do not leave any chemicals in the water. Her goal is to leave nature untouched, just as she found it. The delicate balance in the most biodiverse habitat on our planet should not be ruined by cosmetic products and cheap additives.

Our greatest concern is to make products that are healthy for the body and have the lowest possible impact on the environment. That puts us on the same wavelength as Ellie in terms of our environmental philosophy. The similarity in our thinking strengthened our resolve to work with her. We are happy to support this unique athlete and incredibly strong woman, and to protect her skin from the signs of ageing.

How do you become a cliff diver?

Ellie grew up in the heart of the USA and discovered her passion for this unusual sport early on: In the swimming pool in Kansas City, Missouri, she loved the outdoor springboard as a child and took part in her first competition at the age of five.

At 20 she jumped off her first cliff: “It was the most exciting feeling ever! I found out that Red Bull Cliff Diving had included women in the show and decided to give it a try”. She taught herself the basics on the cliffs around North Carolina. Then she bought a one-way ticket to England, where she started her professional training with a coach. She was able to do the necessary four jumps immediately, which were the basic requirement for participating in a competition. She was promptly invited to her first event when she was just 21 years old.

Ellie is now one of the fixtures in the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. These competitions take place every year at exotic and breathtaking locations around the world. Accordingly, she travels a lot and lives out of a suitcase for a large part of the year.

The Clean Cliffs Project - Working together against plastic in the sea

In her first year as a professional, Ellie noticed a big problem: “On all coasts, whether Greece, Italy or Bosnia, the picture was the same: Lots of plastic waste in the sea. Once I even had a plastic bag wrapped around my ankle when I was swimming back to shore after a jump!" So she decided to take action: She founded the Clean Cliffs Project and has been organizing clean ups and lectures for locals at competition locations ever since. “We want to take targeted measures to prevent the ocean as a habitat from becoming uninhabitable and dying. Because if the oceans die, it will have fatal consequences for our climate”, says Ellie, “Each and every one of us must now take action and make our contribution!”

This also includes Ellie's switch from conventional cosmetics to pollutant-free and healthy natural cosmetics: "What I particularly like about PURE SKIN FOOD is that all ingredients are 100% certified organic." The goal of our holistic sustainable philosophy is to develop the best products for our skin and our environment. Ellie's skin is grateful for that: It has now recovered and has been strengthened for the coming season!

Ellie's recommendation for cold winter days:

“I'm currently training in Montreal. The cold temperatures and the chlorinated water in the pool during indoor training make my skin to dry out faster. Only the rich White Chocolate Body Mousse from PURE SKIN FOOD can help! I love the warm scent of chocolate and my skin feels wonderfully soft and supple after using it! My fiancé Owen is also a huge fan! "

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