Ingredient of the Week: Yarrow

Ingredient of the Week: Yarrow

Discover the perfect ingredient for sensitive skin & rosacea: yarrow is nature's best weapon against redness and irritation.


For people with sensitive skin and rosacea, finding the right skincare can be a challenge. Sensitive & irritated skin needs special attention to soothe irritated blood vessels and redness. Fortunately, there is a solution that is gentle, yet effective: soothing cosmetic products with yarrow.

This remarkable ingredient is known for its vasoprotective and healing properties, and is perfect for caring for sensitive skin and soothing rosacea & redness.

Yarrow for sensitive skin:

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is a plant with a long history in traditional medicine. It contains a variety of flavonoids known for their anti-inflammatory properties. These flavonoids promote skin regeneration and help to reduce redness. The slightly astringent effect of yarrow also helps to tighten your skin and reduce redness without irritating.

Face mask with yarrow powder:

An effective way to get the benefits of yarrow is to use yarrow powder in a soothing face mask. When combined with other plant powders that also have astringent and vasoprotective properties, such as butcher's broom root, a face mask containing yarrow can significantly reduce visible blood vessels & redness. This natural treatment can also provide relief for sensitive skin & rosacea while soothing & strengthening the skin.

Yarrow water to reduce redness:

Yarrow water is a valuable addition to your skincare routine if you suffer from rosacea: Thanks to its gentle astringent effect, it reduces redness and effectively soothes your skin. The healing and anti-inflammatory effect of the flavonoids makes yarrow water perfect for irritated skin. You can find it in our Organic Farewell Rosacea Toner.

Yarrow is an excellent ingredient for sensitive & irritated skin as well as for reducing rosacea & redness. Its vasoprotective & healing properties make it a gentle yet effective solution to skin problems.

Pamper red & inflamed skin with natural, gentle care that calms skin, soothes redness and restores its natural beauty!

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