10+ Versatile Applications with the 2-Phase System

10+ Versatile Applications with the 2-Phase System

The multi-tasking cosmetic products for diverse applications and money-saving benefits!


Save on tons of face care products with the PURE SKIN FOOD Skincare System all-rounders. Such gems!

An overview of what these gems can do for you!

  • Your preference counts: Not only does are you able to create a skincare system according to your skin type and preference, the PURE SKIN FOOD Layering Skincare System also be used in keeping with the requirements of your skin! Your skin favours a more light-weight moisturiser? Then provide it with more Toning Moisturiser and 3 - 4 drops of Beauty Oil, done! How about increased nourishment while you sleep? Simply apply more Beauty Oil. More oily skin can get away with using less Beauty Oil, whereas dry skin benefits from more.

  • Make-up removal: Cleanse the skin using the Cleansing or Beauty Oil (see oil-cleansing method) and wipe away and remaining residue with a cosmetic pad drenched in Toning Moisturiser.

  • DIY face and body scrub: Simply add 1 teaspoon of sugar, salt or backing soda to a small amount of Toning Moisturiser or Beauty Oil, blend and gently massage onto the skin. Rinse the scrub and proceed with your daily skincare routine.

  • Pampering masks: Mix 1 tablespoon of ground oats or clay with some Beauty Oil and / or Toning Moisturiser and apply to the skin. If the mask dries, rinse with plenty of water and proceed with your daily skincare routine.

Beauty Oil & Cleansing Oil: Special Uses

  • Body care: The Beauty Oils can be used in place of body lotions and body butters on dry skin or skin in need of extra special care. Simply apply to the skin after a bath or shower.

  • Shaving oil: You've missed a few hairs while shaving or don't have the time to jump under the shower for a shave? Apply some oil and shave what need shaving. No water or rinsing needed!

  • Treat dry and brittle ends: Distribute a small amount of oil along the ends of your hair and viola!

  • Nail Oil: The Beauty Oil helps prevent brittle, cracked nails and frayed cuticles. Cleanse your hands and apply a few drops of oil on your nails. Massage and remove any excess oil after 5 - 10 minutes.

Toning Moisturisers: Other application possibilities

  • Facial cleanser: Use the Toning Moisturiser to cleanse the skin

  • Toner: Apply to cleanse or freshen up on hot days. Apply directly onto the skin and wipe away with a cotton pad. You'll be amazed how much dirt and dust accumulates on our faces during the day.

  • Mild after-shave: The Toning Moisturiser cools and refreshes the skin after shaving.

  • Facial compress: For the effect of Toning Moisturiser to develop optimally, soak a cloth in Toning Moisturiser, place the cloth on your skin and relax for 5 minutes.

  • Body mist: The Toning Moisturizer is also suitable as a refreshing body mist after the shower or bath.

  • Hair and scalp care: simply spray on the hair and scalp, do not rinse.

  • Room and textile freshener: Use as a room spray or freshen up fabrics with the Toning Moisturiser.

We got you all curious? Check out our layering skincare system!

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