How To: Fuller Brows

How To: Fuller Brows

Achieving Cara Delevingne brows do not happen overnight. But we have some tricks up our sleeve to help you transform your brows to their natural and striking glory!


2017 Must-have: Fuller Brows

Overtweezed brows were all the rave during the 90's - the slimmer, the better. Luckily, we've moved on to a more natural and fuller brow look that frames the face to accentuate your true beauty. This year, we're celebrating: the bushier the brow, the better.

If you've been one of many who have been sporting slim brows you'll be familiar with the problem: brows to not grow back overnight. Eyebrows have the tendency to grow back in irregular waves and often in a way that we did not expect nor intend them to. New beauty trends, such as microblading and implants, are indicators of just how far people would go to get the perfect brow. But, is it worth the pain and price?

Sophisticated Brows

We have an easier and cost-efficient solution: the PURE SKIN FOOD Lush Eyebrow Oil that stimulates hair growth whilst nourishing and conditioning the hairs at the same time. Of course, this cosmetic solution will not conjure denser and bushy brows overnight, but with a bit of patience, you can look forward to a natural, fuller finish in only a few easy steps. Simply roll apply the oil using the rollerball applicator to the eyebrows in the morning and in the evening, gently massaging it into the hairs once applied. Bonus: men can benefit from the same effects when used on their beards.

Opting for our Lush Eyebrow Oil is a less obtrusive and more economical way to get back natural, fuller-looking brows.

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