Ingredient of the Week: Dog Rose Oil

Ingredient of the Week: Dog Rose Oil

Rosa canina seed oil, also referred to as dog rose oil, has wonderful properties for the body. Dog rose has been used for centuries, particularly as a component for skincare.


Dog rose, rosehip and rosehip seed oil are, in fact, one and the same product. The transparent, light yellow to orange-red oil is derived from the seeds of various types of dog rose and has a longstanding tradition in medicine, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

The reason we enjoy using this wonderful oil is pretty obvious. It possesses beneficial properties for the skin:

  • strengthens the connective tissues and skin barrier
  • gently activates the skin's metabolism
  • delivers moisture
  • balances the moisture levels of the skin
  • enhances suppleness
  • accelerates the skin renewal process
  • promotes healing of wounds
  • highly regenerative properties
  • counteracts redness, eczema and psoriasis

Using the oil for treating wounds and scars is a century-old tradition. The oil increases skin elasticity, regenerates the skin's natural colour and prevents the thickening of the epithelium layer (the upper cell layer of the skin).

We pair the oil with other cold-pressed oil in our product formulas. The dog rose seeds are incorporated into our Superfood Peeling Mask to refine the complexion. It supports collagen production in that the connective tissues are regenerated and strengthened. Wrinkles and hyperpigmentation are reduced.

The collection of products that contains dog rose oil can be found here.

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