Ingredient of the Week: Butcher's Broom

Ingredient of the Week: Butcher's Broom

Butcher's broom root powder: the perfect ingredient to help soothe rosacea & redness with natural cosmetic products!


Soothing cosmetics with butcher's broom root powder are ideal for improving redness. Read on to find out why this powerful ingredient stars in our Farewell Rosacea Face Mask.

Butcher's broom root powder is adstringent and vasoprotective, helping to reduce the appearance of visible blood vessels & redness. This is especially important for people with rosacea, as their skin is often hypersensitive & easily irritated. The soothing properties of butcher's broom root powder make the skin feel comfortable and help to strengthen the skin in the long term.

Butcher's broom root powder contains the active ingredients ruscin & rucoside. These natural compounds are known to inhibit the body's own vascular damaging enzymes. The skin is protected from further damage and can regenerate better.

Improved drainage & fluid control:

Another benefit of butcher's broom is its ability to reduce fluid leakage from the bloodstream into the surrounding tissues. This contributes to improved drainage and helps to reduce swelling.

Butcher's broom has proven to be a remarkable ingredient for improving rosacea & redness. So if you're looking for a gentle yet effective solution for sensitive skin & rosacea, it's definitely worth adding our Farewell Rosacea Face Mask with butcher's broom root powder to your skincare routine. Look forward to glowing skin again!

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