Join the #pureskinrevolution now!

Join the #pureskinrevolution now!

Suffer for beauty? We say the #pureskinrevolution is all you'll need for beautiful, healthy skin.


Call off chemicals that are impossible to pronounce

Again and again, we are confronted by potentially carcinogenic, allergenic and mutagenic ingredients found in cosmetics. It's time to act and say NO to dubious ingredients. We do not want to take chances when it comes to health risks. Instead, opt for superfood skincare products that are free from synthetic ingredients, with a high organic quality that is beneficial to the body and the environment.

Go Clean and Say NO to:

  • Harmful cosmetic substances (parabens, PEGs, mineral oil, phthalates, etc.)
  • Animal testing and ingredients of animal origin
  • Palm oil
  • Microplastics

Your skin, your body and the environment will thank you for it!

Did you know that even natural cosmetics may contain up to 49% synthetic ingredients? Examining the ingredients listing on your products will ensure that only purely natural cosmetics make it to your bathroom cabinet.

Become part of the revolution!

This is how it's done:

  1. Limit yourself to necessities! This concept should be applied to skincare: less is definitely more. Rather spend on fewer clean, high-quality skincare items than conventional, chemical-laden counterparts.
  2. Use only natural cosmetics! Forgo cosmetics that contain parabens, PEGs, synthetic perfumes, microplastics, palm oil, and the like. ToxFox or Codecheck apps help you separate the wheat from the chaff. Your skin, your health and the environment will thank you for it!
  3. Become a #pureskinrevolution ambassador! Post a photo on Facebook or Instagram of yourself showing off the Revolution Stripes and add the tag #pureskinrevolution to show that your health and the environment are dear to your heart. Send us a personal message with a link to your #pureskinrevolution post, to receive a 20% voucher for your next purchase.

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