How to Use Hair Oil - Three Top Tips!

How to Use Hair Oil - Three Top Tips!

Our hair has to put up with a lot: sun, heat, cold, and scarves can all make your hair brittle & fragile. Find out how to prevent split ends & dry hair!


Is your hair dry and brittle? Are you longing to get rid of those split ends? Here's how to rescue damaged hair:

Silicone-free hair oil

Our Organic Gorgeous Hair Oil combines only the best plant oils that rebuild hair structure and repair damaged hair. For stronger hair with a gorgeous shine.

Once your hair has dried out, it becomes porous, because the cuticle of the hair opens and becomes permeable to outside influences. Valuable ingredients such as broccoli seed oil trigger an intensive regeneration of the hair structure and protect against pollution. Your hair acquires a gorgeous shine, looking soft and smooth. Castor oil provides additional protection, as it forms a thin film around each individual hair and prevents harmful substances from penetrating. Mallow and burdock root rebuild already damaged hair.
Burdock root oil and rosemary extract also take care of your scalp, helping to prevent dandruff.

Make dry, brittle ends a thing of the past!

1 product - 4 uses

You can use the Organic Gorgeous Hair Oil in different ways, depending on what your hair needs right now:

  1. Intensive hair treatment/hair mask
    If you have dry ends and damaged hair, we recommend an intensive treatment before washing your hair: Massage a little of the hair oil into the lengths and/or tips and leave it in for 10 minutes. Then wash out normally.
  2. Leave-in care & protection
    After washing, massage a little into the tips and lengths of towel-dried hair. You won't need much Gorgeous Hair Oil. Start with just a few drops and add more gradually until you've found the right amount for your hair.
  3. SOS for irritated and dry scalps
    If your scalp is tight and itchy, or you have dandruff, massage some of the oil into your scalp with your fingertips and leave it in briefly. Then wash out as usual.
  4. For beautiful eyebrows
    Are your eyebrows not doing what you want? Just a drop is enough to smooth them into shape.

Special tip for boyfriends and husbands:
Help yourself to your partner's Organic Gorgeous Hair Oil - it is great for beard care too!

Beautiful hair without harmful silicone!

Unfortunately, silicone is still found in many conventional hair care products but this ingredient is both harmful to the environment and not good for your hair. You might be impressed with the shine at first, but frequent use can cause a build-up effect:

Particularly when using several products containing silicone, such as shampoo, conditioner, and styling products, too much silicone accumulates on your hair over time. This makes your hair look dull. It gets dustier and dirtier as well as becoming more prone to frizz. Exactly what you're trying to prevent.

Use natural hair oil regularly and preventively for healthy, strong and shiny hair, and do without synthetic ingredients!

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