Plant Oils for Blemished Skin

Plant Oils for Blemished Skin

Plant oils for blemished skin? Yes, you heard right! Find out which plant oils can regulate the skin's sebum production and say goodbye to acne and pimples!


Blemished and combination skin usually tend to produce too much sebum. This means that the skin appears oily in at least some areas of your face, and quickly becomes shiny.

Even if you wouldn't expect it, the right plant oils are great at regulating sebum production.

Non-comedogenic oils are particularly good for blemished skin. Read this article about comedogenic oils to find out more.

What causes oily skin on the face?

Oily and shiny patches on your face occur when the skin's own sebum production gets out of balance. There are many possible causes for this: hormonal fluctuations, diet, puberty, environment, etc. The result is often blemishes and spots.

Drying out is not always the solution!

Have you ever tried to get rid of oily patches by letting the skin dry out or simply not taking care of it at all? Unfortunately, this can backfire! Sometimes, the reason for excess sebum production is that the skin was already dry before. Our skin always tries to regulate itself. In this case, less skincare would only result in the skin producing even more sebum, because it lacks a protective layer.

If we want to improve our skin it is important to pay attention to the cause of problems and observe changes.

Oil & skin: a love story

We love using plant oils on our skin! They have 2 huge benefits:

  • Oils are much closer to the skin's own sebum than creams
  • There is a plant oil to help in almost any situation

Find the right products for you and integrate plant oils into your skincare routine - your skin will thank you!

1st step: oil cleansing

Plant oils clean your skin thoroughly and gently, removing even stubborn makeup traces without irritating the skin. Find out all about it in this article about the oil cleansing method and discover our Organic Cleansing & Detox Oil.

2nd step: Nourishing facial oil

There are many plant-based oils that are effective at getting rid of impurities. These include jojoba oil, grape seed oil or prickly pear seed oil, to name but a few.

Each oil has different benefits and ingredients so we mix together the most effective oils against impurities in our Organic Beauty Oil for Blemished & Combination Skin:

Numerous natural antimicrobial ingredients in this facial oil act as a gentle disinfectant for inflamed skin. It has a regulating effect on metabolic processes and regenerates the skin barrier to give you a clear complexion in the long term.

It contains these fantastic plant oils that are particularly suitable for blemished skin:

  • Grape seed oil
  • Evening primrose oil
  • Passion fruit oil
  • Black cumin oil
  • Moringa oil
  • Argan oil

A high content of linoleic acid benefits the sebaceous gland outlets, which leads to an improvement in acne.

Passion fruit oil, evening primrose oil, and black cumin oil have a calming and pain-relieving effect. Black cumin oil also helps to balance and cleanse the skin.

Tocopherol (vitamin E) in argan oil protects against harmful environmental influences.

These properties make this facial oil the perfect cocktail for blemished & combination skin. Use every morning and evening - your skin has never been so good!

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