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Arganbäume in Marokko gehören dem Staat

Ingredient of the Week: Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of the most loved oils in the cosmetic industry. The last few years has seen the oil incorporated into countless products for the skin, hair and face that are said to work wonders. But, why is this the case?

Kaffeebohnen als Rohstoff für Naturkosmetik

Ingredient of the Week: Coffee Extract

Most of us love it and many cannot imagine starting off the day without it: coffee is not only the number 1 beverage to consume, but is also a secret weapon against cellulite and bags under the eyes.

How To Combat Dry, Blemished Skin

Contrary to popular belief, dry skin can lead to blemishes and impurities. In today's article, we're shining a light on why this is the case and how this can be avoided.

Unreine Haut mit 30

Impurities Skin at 30: Facts & Tips

Puberty has long passed and yet you are still struggling with breakouts? You're out of your 20s but skin concerns are on the increase? Read here to find out how to get rid of impurities after 30.

DIY Face Masks - The Benefits

All our face masks are available in a powder format. You might be thinking why this is the case, why not simply produce a ready-made version? Read more below to find out what drove us to manufacturing powder masks and what benefits these have for...

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